You will be welcomed at College View when we gather for worship at 10:50 am on Sunday, July 21st.


About This Sunday’s Message:                               


         Some subjects one preaches about are easier than others: salvation, love, hope, faith, joy, etc. Other subjects are definitely more difficult: judgment, wrath, condemnation, and Sunday’s subject of hell. I struggle with preaching about hell, mainly because I don’t feel qualified to preach about hell.

        But easy messages are not the only kind people need to hear! People must hear difficult messages too, and I want to be faithful to share even the most difficult of messages. Those who reject God’s salvation will spend eternity separated from Him. If not, what did Jesus come to save us from?


-Bro. Paul Bullock, Pastor



Location & Meeting Times


2121 N. Washington St.
Magnolia, AR 71753


Sunday • 9:45 am • 10:50 am • 6 pm 

Wednesday • 6:30 pm