You will be welcomed at College View when we gather for worship at 10:50 am on Sunday, September 15th.


About This Sunday’s Message:                              


Our roots certainly have a tremendous affect on our lives going forward. When we are born, to whom we are born, and where we are born all impact us significantly. Imagine yourself being born a century ago or a century in the future.

Imagine being born to the wealthiest of parents in town or the poorest parents in town. Imagine being born in the country or in the inner city. Where we “come from” certainly affects who we are and the decisions we make daily. I hope we all come from “a place called GRACE.”


-Bro. Paul Bullock, Pastor



Location & Meeting Times


2121 N. Washington St.
Magnolia, AR 71753


Sunday • 9:45 am • 10:50 am • 6 pm 

Wednesday • 6:30 pm