AWANA at College View

We hope that your child will have opportunity to visit our AWANA Clubs in the near future. We know that you’re concerned about your child’s success in every area of life. You care about shaping values, building character and providing the tools needed for your child to develop a solid, spiritual foundation. Because our church believes AWANA effectively contributes to this success, we have chosen to partner with them. For over 60 years AWANA has been engaged in lifelong discipleship of children and the training of adults who lead them. The AWANA leaders on our church can guide your kids toward a strong, biblical worldview and active lives of faith. You can learn more about AWANA at

Our prayer is that children and youth throughout the world would come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ! That goal is at the heart of everything we do in our AWANA Clubs. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is both fun and exciting, where kids can learn about the love that God has demonstrated for us.


What does AWANA offer your child?

• Biblical teaching
• Basics for a relationship with God
• A foundation for a biblical worldview
• Ultra-fun games and activities
• Bible memorization
• Positive friendships
• Support for parents as they spiritually nurture their children
• In-club adult affirmation and encouragement
• Consistent and positive training on how to thrive in group settings
• Awards and recognition for accomplishments


For more information on our AWANA Clubs, check out our Awana Parents Handbook 2019-2020